Law Enforcement is nothing without citizen involvement.  Think about it!  Thousands of years ago citizens became enraged when they became the victim of acts that were considered wrong BUT there were no written laws so people got together and decided what was right and what was wrong with-in their unit which could have been a cave, a small village, a sect, or even just a family.  As the population increased it became recognized that the people needed protection as well as governance.  The leaders Candy Bonanza of society whether they were Kings or Chiefs started to offer protection to their citizens, eventually laws were written based on the moral and disciplinary beliefs of the community or leaders thereof and a form of law enforcement was born. (refer to the history of law enforcement)

Over the years citizens have dealt with the good and the bad, millions have moved from one corner of the earth to another seeking a form of freedom they were happy with and could live with.  Law Enforcement always was a part of the movement of societies and is probably the slot tergacor truest reflection of the people.  People want to be protected but not dominated; hence in this country we have the Constitution of the United States of America defining our freedoms. A constitution and the laws of that document will only work based on the will of the governed which requires a fair and equitable system of justice for everyone.

Now we the people become responsible for the enforcement of our laws.  If laws are ignored the people suffer, if the laws do not apply to all equally, people suffer.  If lack of enforcement causes fear, the people suffer.

Law Enforcement is the system that protects the people but only with the help of the people.  Very few crimes would be solved if it were not for the assistance of the public, be it through taxes that provide officers, cars, training etc., or information that situs slot deposit pulsa tanpa potongan advises what is REALLY going on in the community.  Law Enforcement depends on this information whether it be an unsafe crosswalk, a badly maintained street, unregulated alcohol sales, theft, robbery, burglary, rape, cruelty to animals, anything that is not considered to be acceptable to our society.

The greatest level of involvement by the citizen is through personal/family experiences.  We are all for protecting ourselves and families; we exercise good judgement in protecting our homes, keeping them safe for all family members and protecting our property.  We drive with courteous regard for others and teach our children the difference between right and wrong.  If there is a problem in the community that affects all, we are allowed input to clarify and hopefully rectify the issue. If the problem is threatening to our family or selves we can report the problem to law enforcement for investigation or correction.

The citizen is the partner of every Peace Officer, working together they can maintain a safe community.