In this section of the Web Site you will find a very basic video that depicts the safe and proper handling of a firearm.  It is strongly recommended that whether or not you own a firearm that you at least become aware of the basic safety techniques.

Firearms safety is a topic that is debated nearly every day in the media.  For that reason, we, the Directors of the Jefferson County Sheriffs Foundation feel it is not only necessary but responsible for us to clarify our position relating to weapons (guns).

The majority of our Board of Directors took an oath when entering the military or starting in Law Enforcement to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America slot terbaru which includes the 2nd Amendment.  We have all carried a weapon during our service and firmly believe in the necessity of Arming Law Enforcement even though very few Peace Officers ever use a weapon.

We strongly agree that the laws currently on the books must by obeyed.

The Jefferson County Sheriffs Foundation bylaws prohibit the Corporation from becoming involved in any way with politics and each and every one of us agrees situspelni with that provision.

Hopefully the above comments will clarify our position to all.

We plan to include weapons safety videos and articles that we feel are appropriate for all citizens basic knowledge as well as the location of ranges within the county where those interested may seek further instruction or practice.

Doug Henderson, bonus new member 100 slot game President
Jefferson County Sheriffs Foundation