For training purposes this information may be classified as a training update for Senior Officers (over 60 years of age)

To update all Law Enforcement Officers and Retirees in the identification, habitat and value of Snow Snakes.

One hundred and thirty-eight years ago domestic Snow Snakes were discovered in North America. At first, they were thought to just be hunks of ice hanging from roofs as what were then thought to be icicles, until one night the icicles disappeared and the next morning it was discovered that there had been a heavy overnight snow. No one really gave it very much thought at the time until a very observant Police Officer noted as he walked by several trees that he had a feeling of being watched. When he stopped and looked about there was nothing there, when he started walking again, he heard what he thought was a giggle, he quickly turned and there under a tree in an area not covered by snow was a “Happy Face”. Having never seen a “Happy Face” before he really didn’t know what to make of this experience, so he asked his “Training Officer” who asked him to draw what he had seen. The Training Officer” had never seen a “Happy Face” either but he took the crude drawing and started looking under trees.

As the result of the subsequent investigation the following facts were determined
1. Snow Snakes do giggle.
2. The face of a Snow Snake is the same as a “Happy Face”
3. Snow Snakes are made of frozen water and therefore invisible.
4. When it is snowing Snow Snakes curl up around trees to stay warm.
5. Snow Snake beds do not have snow in them.
6. ALL Snow Snakes are friendly.
Over a period of years Peace Officers in the cold country searched for further answers to the big question: Why are there Snow Snakes?

Finally, the answer was discovered one day when a child stopped a Deputy Sheriff and asked “What do I do if I get lost?

The Deputy responded, “Don’t wander around, stay where you are!”


“Because it is easier to find you if you stay in one place and wait”.


“Because the people looking for you will start from where you were last seen and if you walk away you won’t be there”


“In fact, do you see that tree over there with no snow under it?”


“That is a Snow Snake bed, it is dry, so your feet don’t get cold and wet if you stand there”

“ What is a Snow Snake?”

“ They are very friendly critters that make their beds where it is warm and dry under trees just so if you get lost you can stand in them until you are found, so Just stand there and Hug the tree. Police Officers and Deputy Sheriff’s know where all the ‘Snow Snake” beds are so they know where to look. Don’t be afraid because a friendly Snow Snake is right there with you, he is your invisible friend.

After a great many years and thorough investigation by many agencies it has been discovered that Snow Snakes have a sense of humor. They do all kinds of things to get people to laugh.

1. They shake the snow off trees when you walk under them.
2. They trip skiers.
3. They make pot holes in the streets and push them to different places.
4. They hide ice under the snow to make sleds go faster.


You have again been trained, certified and re-certified. Your job is to get out there and corrupt, whoops, I mean advise children what to do if they become lost.