“Crime Prevention” and “Preventing Senior Fraud”

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Foundation in cooperation with Kitsap Bank
Presents Crime Prevention” and “Preventing Senior Fraud

(Issues for our Community)

Sponsored by The South Bay Community Association

Thursday April 18th, 2019 at 1:00pm
Bay Club, 120 Spinnaker Place, Port Ludlow

Breaking and Entering, Robbery, Assault are headlines all too often seen in our local papers. We want to believe crime doesn’t come to Port Ludlow, but the reality is different. Sometimes our isolation works against us. In addition, there is a criminal element that targets our community just because of our age. This can occur through financial fraud or by people posing as workers trying to help us. This program is intended to:

  1. Provide proven techniques to help you protect: yourself, your home and your possessions. In other words, how to prevent becoming a victim.
  2. Inform you of fraudulent scams aimed specifically at the elderly and give you methods to prevent victimization.
  3. Give you the opportunity to meet with professionals to discuss your specific issues.

INSTRUCTORS: Joe Kaare, JCSF Director of Training and a retired police sergeant will present the crime prevention portion of the program. Presenting how to identify fraudulent scams and fraud prevention strategies will be conducted by Kim Johnson, fraud specialist with Kitsap Bank.

SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY: At the conclusion of Kim’s Fraud presentation the audience will be given the opportunity to break into groups to discuss specific questions with the instructors and/or other staff from the JCSF Board of Directors, all of whom are experienced professionals in Law and Justice fields.

A limited number of Power Point packages along with brochures on many of the topics presented will be available. Seating limited to the first 200

Refreshments furnished by Kitsap Bank

Auto Theft or just Joy Riding – you decide!

The Washington State Legislature has determined that “A person is guilty of theft of a motor vehicle if he or she commits theft of a motor vehicle” Theft of a motor vehicle is a class B felony.

Why are we reading about Auto Theft?

  1. Automobiles are an essential part of our everyday lives!
  2. The West Coast is the only region of the United States with an increase of over three percent in motor vehicle thefts over the last several years. (2007)
  3. The family car is a priority of most individuals and families.
  4. The family car is typically the second largest investment a person has next to the home, so when a car is stolen, it causes a significant loss and inconvenience to people, imposes financial hardship, and negatively impact their work, school and personal activities.

Is it really that big a problem?  You be the judge!

  1. In Washington, more than one car is stolen every eleven minutes, one hundred and thirty-eight cars are stolen every day.
  2. Someone’s car has a one in one hundred seventy-nine chances of being stolen
  3. More vehicles were stolen in 2005 than in any previous year.
  4. Since 1994 auto theft has increased over fifty-five percent.
  5. The national crime insurance bureau reports that Seattle and Tacoma ranked in the top ten places for the most auto thefts, ninth and tenth respectively in 2004.l
  6. In 2005 over fifty thousand auto thefts were reported costing Washington citizens more than three hundred twenty-five million dollars in higher insurance rates and lost vehicles.
  7. Juveniles account for over half of he reported auto thefts with many of these thefts being their first criminal offence.

Hopefully your eyes are now open, but, keep in mind that these statistics from the internet (Washington State Legislature) are about fifteen years old.  A great deal has happened since then.  One important thing is the price of vehicle has increased tremendously.  Registration costs have gone up, cost of fuel has gone up, cost of insurance has gone up and sadly auto theft rates continue to climb.

Citizens who have not been a victim of auto theft and suffered the loss of their car even for a few days fail to realize that very few stolen cars are returned to the victim in the condition they were in when stolen.  Tires are flat, body damage very common and generally they have suffered some vandalism.  Naturally the insurance company will take care of it.  Possibly, but it will never be returned to the condition it was when stolen.  What out of pocket expenses did you experience due to the theft?  Renting a car? Paying for the impound and storage fees (cash or credit card) if the vehicle was found quickly.   These out of pocket expenses go on an on.  We have not even considered the costs and inconvenience of having to go to court IF the crook is apprehended!  Now, just consider this, your car was five years old, its has depreciated in value but is still your family car.  When stolen it was wrecked (totaled), you will need to find another vehicle.  Are you going to find something as good as your old car with the allowance the insurance company is offering you?  Are you going to have to retain an attorney?   Prices of used cars have gone up!

Enough already!!!!!

What is the answer?   As much as I hate to say this, the answer is up to you.  How do you protect your home from burglary?

There are several things you can do to prevent auto theft, but each will take some due diligence on your part.

Let’s keep this short and sweet!

  6. REPORT SUSPICIOUS PERSONS IN THE AREA (immediately, not next week)

Will this stop Auto Theft?   NO!

Will this make a difference?  Possibly!

What are the chances of my car being recovered?  Very good, a high percentage of stolen cars are recovered in the first several weeks but you can only bet on it in Las Vegas!

Please follow www.jeffersoncountysheriffsfoundation.org  for further information on how to protect your property from theft.

Doug Henderson
President, Jefferson County Sheriffs Foundation
San Diego Police Department
Retired Sgt. San Diego County Sheriff’s Department


 A common definition – Entry with the intent to commit petty theft, grand theft or any other felony.

Burglary is probably the most common crime committed in the United States.  The M.O.  ‘Method of Operation’ varies tremendously but generally it is considered a crime of stealth whether it be prowling an unlocked car, stealing from an open garage, shoplifting or entry for the purpose of theft of property from any home or business.  It is also entry into an occupied dwelling.

Periodically we are exposed to mailers, internet adds or television commercials touting the value of security systems.  My personal attitude toward these devices is generally positive.  I am always interested when folks do what they can to protect themselves and others from crimes.  It is an indication that they are interested in protection and willing to go a step further for the safety of their families.


The holiday season is upon us.  Every year between mid-November until after the first of the year. Our society with our many religions, customs and cultures celebrate for many reasons and for some reason this leads to SHOPPING, SHOPPING & SHOPPING.  While most are out and about looking for those items that will please their loved ones and friends and acquaintances, there are those that are out for other nefarious reasons that have nothing to do with our enjoyment over the holiday season.

It only takes one negative incident to ruin our attitude towards giving and happiness.  Many of those incidents can be prevented.  Hopefully the suggestions that follow will assist you and your families protect your property from theft of opportunity.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Foundation a Community Partnership



For some time now various concerns regarding incidents of crime have been discussed on NextDoor. These concerns are common in all neighborhoods but become extremely frustrating for both citizens and law enforcement due to the seeming lack of communications. The following information is offered in an attempt to clarify some of the problems and give the citizens of our community (all of the unincorporated area) of Jefferson County a basic reference source for many of the areas of concern.

Law Enforcement in Jefferson County (unincorporated) is provided by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office under the Elected Sheriff David Stanko.  Port Townsend, an incorporated city) has its own Police Department. Traffic Enforcement on State Highways is provided by the Washington State Patrol.