The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Foundation was organized to promote community welfare through support of public safety and volunteer programs.  In addition out objective is to enhance the quality of life within the community and to deter crime through education and support from the community

Deputies are in a unique position to raise awareness of current issues and problems in our communities through daily interaction with the citizens of Jefferson County.  The members of the Sheriff’s Office are committed to an ongoing partnership with the community based on communication, cooperation and trust.

The foundation is able to develop, improve and /or support by direct or indirect means, many non-profit charitable, educational, prevention or intervention programs and service that improve the quality of life for all within Jefferson County.

The Foundations’ work is the result of caring citizens like you.  We help raise awareness of important unbudgeted or “discretionary” needs that will improve crime-prevention and law enforcement efficiency.  They we put tax-deductible contributions to measurable work in Jefferson County.

The Foundation is an independent, non-profit, charitable organization that promotes and Supports community policing, crime prevention and education initiatives developed by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office