Jefferson County Sheriff’s Foundation  and Kitsap Bank: have the privilege of presenting an Introduction to Crime Prevention and Fraud Prevention.

May 19th, Sunday, 2019 1-4 pm

The Beach Club
121 Marina View Dr. Port Ludlow

The Jefferson County Sheriffs Foundation is a Washington State licensed Corporation per 501 © 3 (Charity)

Kitsap Bank is a very well known and respected banking institution that does a little extra for their clients.

Law Enforcement is very aware of the fact that the crime of Fraud has rapidly increased among the elders in our society.  Kitsap Bank has addressed this Slot Pragmatic problem by training Kim Johnson to become a Fraud Specialist that can assist our senior residents before they become victims.  Law Enforcement appreciates this interest and additional partnership that does a great deal to protect our communities.

We recently formed a team to bring the information that we have to the public via community meetings.  Our first Presentation is titled “ An Introduction to Crime Prevention and Fraud Prevention”,  it is an introduction since a comprehensive course would take in excess slot gacor of twenty hours.

Every day we hear and see very disturbing incidents on Television and on the Internet.  This is reality in our society.  Why?  There are a great many reasons that have been studied for years but for most of us it is time to put our finger in the hole in the dyke and do what we can to slot gacor gampang menang prevent becoming a victim.  We are not going to address the social issues just the many things that you can do to protect yourselves and your neighbors.

Please take a few minutes and visit our Web Site,  There are several articles that will help you get started.  This site will give you the background of law enforcement going back several thousand years.  It will help you relate to problems while driving, shopping, walking near your home, the simple things you can do to make it safer.  It also covers animals, via Center Valley Animal Rescue and Raptor Birds.  There are bits of humor and many good solid techniques that will IBCBET make you and your home and family safer.  It is surprising how you can prevent forced entry to your home for less than five dollars.  For twenty-five dollars and a trip to the hardware store you can install several safety devices and we will be glad to explain how!

The Team Members from situs judi slot online terpercaya Kitsap Bank are professional Bank Officers.  Those of us of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Foundation are primarily retired Peace Officers and business professionals.