For some time now various concerns regarding incidents of crime have been discussed on NextDoor. These concerns are common in all neighborhoods but become extremely frustrating for both citizens and law enforcement due to the seeming lack of communications. The following information is offered in an attempt to clarify some of the problems and give the citizens of our community (all of the unincorporated area) of Jefferson County a basic reference source for many of the areas of concern.

Law Enforcement in Jefferson County (unincorporated) is provided by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office under the Elected Sheriff David Stanko.  Port Townsend, an incorporated city) has its own Police Department. Traffic Enforcement on State Highways is provided by the Washington State Patrol.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Foundation is a not for profit Washington State Corporation organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes within the meaning of section 501 © (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  The Foundation is not sponsored, affiliated or controlled by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, it is an independent organization created to assist the Sheriff’s Office with costs that are not provided by public funding.

During 2017 the Foundation has had the good fortune of attracting Caleb Summerfelt a Jefferson County resident and extremely knowledgeable individual who has volunteered to create a Web Site for the Foundation.  Needless to say he is now a Director of the Foundation and Web Master.

The Foundation’s goal is the foster visible and direct community support for the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office by strengthening pride in the connection with the agency’s mission of excellence.

 A Community Partnership.

Please take the time to visit our Web Site (which is not yet completed) which has a great deal of information that is very useful for all of us.  It will help to explain in many ways the ins and outs of crime prevention not just in the minds of a few local people but based on Law Enforcement Programs used all over the United States.  Many Law Enforcement Agencies have contributed to this effort.  We have gleaned information from throughout the United States as it relates to Public Safety and incorporated it into this site.     Our objective is to share this information with the community in a manner that provides convenience and hopefully a greater understanding of the problems of our society in everyday life.

We encourage folks to join in, ask questions, and think about possibly joining a Neighborhood Watch if we can develop the funds to provide it.   There will be an area that is not yet competed to contact the Foundation.

All ten Directors are unpaid Volunteers, most have Law Enforcement experience and some are business men.  All live in Jefferson County, none are employees of the Sheriff’s Office.  All Foundation Directors are members of The Congress of Retired Police, Sheriff’s, Etc. a local organization with over four thousand years of Law Enforcement Experience.

When completed there will be an area within the Web Site where you can make monetary donations that are tax deductible.

Our vision is to never complete this Web Site, we want to continue to provide this service to the community and add additional information that is FACTUAL, HONEST and INFORMATIVE.

In the near future we will incorporate a list of EMERGENCY phone numbers.

Web Site:

Doug Henderson – President
Jefferson County Sheriff’s Foundation

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Foundation is not connected to or affiliated with any political entity.