‘Provide a second chance to abandoned, injured, sick and abused animals; become the best example for animal care’


Center Valley Animal Rescue is committed to providing safe harbor and rehabilitation for unwanted domesticated animals, thereby decreasing the number of unnecessary euthanasia’s.   We believe all creatures have inherent value, a right to life, and are entitled to have their basic needs met in a kind and caring manner.  Center Valley Animal Rescue is dedicated to situs judi slot online finding loving homes for all adoptable animals in our care and offer permanent sanctuary to the animals that cannot be adopted.


  • Provide a safe haven for unwanted creatures until they can find a permanent home.
  • Create and maintain a rewarding environment for our volunteers.
  • Educate and give back to the communities that support us.
  • Rehabilitation and release of injured and/or sick wildlife.


  • Committed to rehabilitate unwanted domestic animals and injured/sick wildlife.
  • Appreciate our volunteers game slot paling gacor who give so generously of their time and resources.
  • No euthanasia of unwanted animals.


Our director, Sara Penhallegon, LVT is on call 24/7 for emergency calls.  CVAR responds to calls from the public about injured and abandon wild animals as well as domestic and farm animal calls that come in from dispatch, officers, State Patrol and Fish and Wildlife.  CVAR is a go to place for Jefferson County as well as other counties in Western Wash when animals are in need of rescue and rehabilitation.  We work with the authorities on large and small-scale seizures of animals.  We go in with law enforcement and help them assess the situation many time providing a veterinarian as well as capture and transport of the animals.  Many times, these critical animals are then brought to the center for rehabilitation and medical care.  These animals may be held for months pending court proceedings with the hope we can get them slot online yang sering kasih jackpot adoptable and in loving homes at the end of the case.  We also help with guidelines about animal care and husbandry and even provide low cost spay/neuter options for cats/dogs/rabbits in our area.  We also provide an animal food bank as well as distributing animal food to the area food banks as needed.