To raise, rehabilitate, and release back to their natural habitat sick, orphaned or injured birds with the skills necessary to survive. To educate, engage and inspire our community about wild birds and wild bird issues.

Discovery Bay Wild Bird Rescue (DBWR) is a non-profit organization in Jefferson County which responds to any wild bird calls 24/7 from the public, the sheriff or city departments, state police, and fish and wildlife with a professional response to help with any wild bird issues to insure safety for both the public and the birds.  DBWR is state and federally licensed to treat all birds including eagles, hawks and owls and aquatic birds, including pelicans and swans. Our facilities include a large flight enclosure for large birds and in-ground pools for aquatic birds. We also take orphaned and injured baby birds and slot pragmatic demo hummingbirds which need very special diets and care. To get in touch with us if you have found an injured or orphaned bird or have any questions call 360-379-0802. Until you reach us you can place an injured bird in a box and put it in a warm, dark, quiet place. Unfortunately we do not have the facilities to take any domestic birds that have escaped like peacocks, ducks and chickens.

DBWR also has an educational outreach program to the schools and other public events where glove-trained raptors are shown and natural history shared about each species of bird. DBWR can be contacted for more information at 360-379-0802 to report a bird in need or to inquire about educational opportunities with live birds. We offer the experience of seeing these magnificent birds up-close and the opportunity to learn how we can help protect them in our community.