Do you want to know what volunteers DO for the Sheriff’s Office?

Let me first tell you what we don’t do.  We do not carry a badge, wear a gun or write tickets.  Granted, there are times when we do wish we could “educate” people by giving them a ticket but we can’t do that.

What we do is check someone’s home when they’re on vacation.  We can certify that a vehicle left on someone’s property is just “junk”. This allows the property owner to legally have the vehicle disposed of, towed away…  Another of our duties is crowd control during the Rhody Parade, Quilcene days or anywhere requested all at no charge of course.

We also change out batteries for clients of Project Lifesaver.  Project Lifesaver provides wrist transmitters for people that may be developmentally disabled or otherwise may “wander” away from home and not find their way home.  The transmitter allows trained personnel to locate the client using radio direction finders.

We work in the Sheriff’s Office filling in for the office personnel when needed temporarily.  We purge old files from the old case files.  We help out the Sheriff’s Office when a squad car needs to be delivered to or retrieved from the West End Sheriff’s Office.

Our volunteers provide over 4000 hours of service to the Sheriff’s Office every year.  Without the volunteers the Sheriff would have to dedicate TWO deputy’s to perform our duties.